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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 @ 3:57 PM
Birthday Party, Best Moment in 2012
Hey guys! Today is very wonderful day because its the first day in 2013. We have through 2012 with happiness, sadness, and all feelings that make our experiences so colorful. In this posts, I will show you what is my favorite experiences and I will remember it forever!

Yes, actually I really love my birthday party in 2012. Too memories because I never got my birthday like that!

I just remember that there was someone brought pizza and some breads in March 14th 2012. The candle was put on the pizza's box. Simple but I really love it! I never get something like even in my sweetseventeen birthday party :)

Maybe you thinks it's so weird. Yes, absolutely yes! Next day, March 15th 2012, my psychology friends come and give me a surprise. This is my first best birthday party ever! A formula from tomato, flour, egg, soap, and many others. The smell? Really bad. >,< But I must say thank you so much to them! Really thanks to Grace as my mommy, Ko Toni as my daddy, Ce Ling as my sister, Ko Edo as my sister's boyfriend, Lidia a.k.a mumi, Meli, Jovita, Rosa, Sonya, Cella.. They are my best! :*

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