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Eunike is back

Hi guys! It has been a very long time not keep in touch with my blog. 1 year past and through lot of life-stories that can be told about. I'm not that good in writing (obviously), even sometimes I just think about "what else that I can share". But I realized that I have lot of stories about my experiences, I not tell you yet about my AIESEC-lyfe right? How about my working-lyfe in previous companies (yea there were 2 companies already)? and maybe you want to know more about my feeds in instagram. So.. Just stay tuned, because Eunike is back :)
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Palu Day Three and Four ;)

It has been one week after my last post and I want to tell you guys about my third and fourth in Palu. Well, it was around 1 month ago but I still wanna make a story about my third and fourth day. I will make them in one post here ;)
In the third day, we had a presentation in SMAK Santo Andreas Palu. The presentation is simple with a question-answer session. After our presentation, mr. Agus invited us to go home and eat Palu's food in his relative's house.
The name of this food is Binte. There is corn, fish meat, vegetables in the soup. It's reallyyyyyyy delicious and it makes me want to eat again but i was shy to take the food again :p
We ate the Binte with a lot mr. Agus's relatives too and also with my partner, ms. Aulya. I didn't forget to take picture of mr. Agus's niece ;;) She is so cute, isn't she? :D
After we had a nice conversation there, we went back to hotel again. Took a rest, and went to a walkbeach to drink Sarabak :p It was really a nice view if y…

Second day in Palu City ;;)

Okayyyyy this is my story about my second day in Palu! Saturday morning, October 25th, I got up at 6 am, and then My friend, kak Uly, and I must prepared for the campus expo in SMAK St. Andreas Palu. We were sooooo sleepy at that time, but it was our first day to do our job in Palu. We were so happy when our room still feel cold in the morning.. But.... when we went outside.. Why it was a little bit warm even after the pouring rain in the midnight? :') :')
There was an opening from the school, they performed dance and band.
The opening ceremony was done, and the next was waiting for students to come to our stand. We also managed our tables so it looks interesting. Praise God, some students came by to our stand and asked some questions about UBAYA. Of course, we were so excited to do our job outside of Java island. But you have to know guys, it was soooooooo hot there and our stand is in the main yard of the school.
And didn't forget to take some selfies with the students of S…

First day in Palu City ;)

Throwback to last month, October 2014, I had a very amazing trip with UBAYA to Palu. I had to do my job as Duta Ubaya (Ubaya Ambassador) and promoted Ubaya in many senior high schools there. Of course, I was sooooo excited! Why? Because it was my first time to flight! (You can laugh loudly). Hahaha. I never flight before, even I used a car when I went to Bali or Jogja. Pity meeee, isn't it?
First day in Palu was October 24th. We flight at 9am WIB and we arrived there at 10am WITA. Anddd guess what was my feelings at that time? Sooooo excited. Hahaha. I could have flight for free with Ubaya. I know it was for a job, but I was so so so happy. Remember to takes some pictures of my first flight, here they are :')
Touchdown in Palu city, we arrived at Mutiara airport. It was soooooooo hot in Palu and you can see how bright there. But I was so sad too that time because there's no 3 signal there, so... Tri is not recommended if you want to go to Palu! Hahaha. You must have Telkomse…