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Behind The Scene Photoshoot at KenPark 🙈

Hiiii there, I'm back again with other activity yesterday noon! I had an photoshoot at Kenjeran Park Surabaya yesterday. Who is the photographer? The photographer is my best friend at college,   Natasha, but I call her Mami! *I have 2 "moms" in Surabaya, actually they are my besties ever and forever, I will tell you the other mom soon. Lol*.Next is, who is the muse? One of them is me 🙈 but there's my friend from college too. Her name is Novia, sooo there're 2 models. The middle one is Mami and the one with her hijab is Novia, anddddd me with my duck face! 🐥 😆
The concept is I'm an oriental chinese lady and Novia is an indonesian lady. In fact, I'm Indonesian too 😶 but I get my chinese look from my family 😑 no eyes! Lol. We want to show you guys that everyone can be friends! It's not depend of your background or your ethnic. 
I will let you see some photos! 😚 Okay, Mam Nat take photo of the photos because we still can't put it in lappy. 😂 *so wa…

Winner of Pazzione Model Looks! 😍

Thank you so much to my Jesus for this opportunity 🙏

I still don't realize myself for winning pazzione model looks! For the first time I know this competition is from my pretty cousin, ce Freelya. She captured Pazzione De Luxe's instagram and asking me to join their model looks! At that time, I didn't have any gadget to upload photos. After waiting about 2 or 3 weeks and finally I get my instagram back, there are some friends join the competition. And, okay, I join too! Upload, tag @pazzionedeluxe #pazzionemodellooks in instagram. 
This is my last photo that I tag to them :D
Of course I'm so happy when they post a photo and said this:
At first, I don't know that I am the first winner of this competition. When Pazzione tag my name, I can't open my gadget just because I'm on duty in EO! Of course, I can't open my gadget till the event is over. Andddd when I look my bbm, there's my cousin, Ce Freelya's bbm and told me that I am the winner! Excited? Of …

Twogather Wedding Planner ❤️❤️❤️

Whoa it's really my best experience ever when I join an event organizer! It's actually a wedding planner but I do my job at the event only. So many event that we have for next month. Yes, September!  I am so excited to do my job next month. One of our project next month is a wedding party at Bali! Have you ever dream a wedding party in such beautiful view? And I think, it's time to make it come true! 

Oh my God! I want to have a wonderful wedding party with such pretty view in my wedding day! I don't know with whom I married to, but I think I will have a wedding party with Twogather Wedding Planner! 😍
There are some photos about TWP's project before! Check this out ;)  Erick and Inge's Wedding Cake and Decoration at JW Marriot Surabaya 😍
Aldy and Nindya's Wedding Kiss at Le Ballroom Surabaya 😍
Sidharta and Herlin's Wedding Dance at Mercure Ballroom Surabaya 😍
So, do you want a precious wonderful wedding party in your life? See all of our events in instagr…