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Behind The Scene Photoshoot at KenPark πŸ™ˆ

Hiiii there, I'm back again with other activity yesterday noon! I had an photoshoot at Kenjeran Park Surabaya yesterday. Who is the photographer? The photographer is my best friend at college,   Natasha, but I call her Mami! *I have 2 "moms" in Surabaya, actually they are my besties ever and forever, I will tell you the other mom soon. Lol*.
Next is, who is the muse? One of them is me πŸ™ˆ but there's my friend from college too. Her name is Novia, sooo there're 2 models.
The middle one is Mami and the one with her hijab is Novia, anddddd me with my duck face! πŸ₯ πŸ˜†

The concept is I'm an oriental chinese lady and Novia is an indonesian lady. In fact, I'm Indonesian too 😢 but I get my chinese look from my family πŸ˜‘ no eyes! Lol. We want to show you guys that everyone can be friends! It's not depend of your background or your ethnic. 

I will let you see some photos! 😚
Okay, Mam Nat take photo of the photos because we still can't put it in lappy. πŸ˜‚ *so wait for the real photos soon😝*

We split the photoshoot to 2 sessions. The second session, Novia and me look more casual and fun expression. It's a little hard for me to express my fun face. Hahaha. Andddd we got some great photos! Here you are ☺️
Oh! I've forgotten the man in last picture! So sorry before to the man, I will introduce him properly! Haha. Okay, the man in the last photo called Weldy. He is Natasha's boyfriend, soooo I called him Papi! But actually, it's the first time I can go with this family. Almost of my time just go around with the other family (my another "mom" in Sby). Why? Because Papi Weldy and Mami Natasha can feed me with instant noodle ONLY! 😭 lol!

I can't wait for my photos! I will post them soon after I get my photos! So stay tune in my blog please, pretty and handsome bloggers 😚


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