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Sunday, February 3, 2013 @ 8:18 PM
Movies along this days
Whoaaaaa~ It has been a long time i wasn't blogging anymore. T_T Everytime I check internet, I just opened my email. Yes, just email. No Facebook, No Blog, No Twitter, No WAYN, and so on. Movies accompany me along these days. Maybe if you bore at home, or at your holiday, alone, nobody with you, nobody ask you walking around to mall or anyplace we can go to, you can see movies with a lot of snack.

I recommend you movies series like How I Met Your Mother. It's funny, and if I may punch someone in this movie, I will punch Barney who looks like my best friend. Really, he really the same, but nope in relationship. Just the character, like perfectionist and a "little bit" talk to much :p Actually, it has 8 seasons and each season has about 22 to 24 episodes in it. Every episode just 20 to 30 minutes. So it's not take a long time anyway. Now, I still waiting for the eighth season :)

Another else that make me so excited is Running Man. I'm so sure if you know this Korea's variety show. Yes, it has been so famous and makes everyone watch it and of course, for Korean's fans. First, I don't really excited to see Running Man. Everyday, my college's friends always talk about it. They don't sleep because watch it, or they do 'barter' to get every episode of Running Man completely. Yes, there is more than 100 episodes, and you must watch each episode for an hour. Oh, actually it makes me so lazy to watch it. 

About 20th January, my new notebook was coming  and after that, my brother lent me a hard disk, he said that there is Running Man in it. It make me so curious because I remember when my friends said that they are very funny. Okay finally, I watch it. First episode make me laugh loudly, it's feel my weight is burning out and I lose my weight for 1kg. :p Maybe you can watch it too if you don't know about Running Man, but I think everyone is already know about this variety show :D

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