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Monday, November 3, 2014 @ 10:55 PM
First day in Palu City ;)
Throwback to last month, October 2014, I had a very amazing trip with UBAYA to Palu. I had to do my job as Duta Ubaya (Ubaya Ambassador) and promoted Ubaya in many senior high schools there. Of course, I was sooooo excited! Why? Because it was my first time to flight! (You can laugh loudly). Hahaha. I never flight before, even I used a car when I went to Bali or Jogja. Pity meeee, isn't it?

First day in Palu was October 24th. We flight at 9am WIB and we arrived there at 10am WITA. Anddd guess what was my feelings at that time? Sooooo excited. Hahaha. I could have flight for free with Ubaya. I know it was for a job, but I was so so so happy. Remember to takes some pictures of my first flight, here they are :')

Touchdown in Palu city, we arrived at Mutiara airport. It was soooooooo hot in Palu and you can see how bright there. But I was so sad too that time because there's no 3 signal there, so... Tri is not recommended if you want to go to Palu! Hahaha. You must have Telkomsel number so you still keep update when you are in small city. :p
It's Mutiara Airport, Palu, Mid Sulawesi.

After took our luggages, Mr. Agus's family picked us and asked us to try Palu's food there. Palu is a small city in Sulawesi and it's surrounded by sea. So, you will find a lot of seafoof restaurant there. Forgetting my diet, I just eat and eat more thereeee!

That day, actually, we must go to SMA Karuna Dipa, but the school was closed because it was Friday and the school end early. After we had our lunch, we checked in to Rama Garden Hotel, where is close to SMAK St. Andreas. Andddd then we went to Mr. Agus's family there. Yes Palu is Mr. Agus's hometown. I went to Palu with ms. Aulya from MPR Ubaya, Mr. Agus and wife. Mr. Agus's brother sell some souvenir from Palu.

The first night in Palu, Ms. Aulya and I just walk around to eat dinner. Even it was so hooooot in the night! Finally, we had Chinese food for our dinner. Yummyyyyyyyy
Where's mr. Agus and wife? They spent the night with their family. Of course, they miss their family soooo much and we let them to go to their family while we just eat eat eat and eat a lot that night. Ohhh happy tummyyyyyy :p :p
Ahhhh and didn't forget to take selfie, we did selfie selfishly! Hahaha

That was my first day in Palu. Keep in touch with my next post about second day in Palu! Danke Palu for the hot weather in the first day :*

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