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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 @ 7:40 PM
Second day in Palu City ;;)
Okayyyyy this is my story about my second day in Palu! Saturday morning, October 25th, I got up at 6 am, and then My friend, kak Uly, and I must prepared for the campus expo in SMAK St. Andreas Palu. We were sooooo sleepy at that time, but it was our first day to do our job in Palu. We were so happy when our room still feel cold in the morning.. But.... when we went outside.. Why it was a little bit warm even after the pouring rain in the midnight? :') :')

There was an opening from the school, they performed dance and band.

The opening ceremony was done, and the next was waiting for students to come to our stand. We also managed our tables so it looks interesting. Praise God, some students came by to our stand and asked some questions about UBAYA. Of course, we were so excited to do our job outside of Java island. But you have to know guys, it was soooooooo hot there and our stand is in the main yard of the school.

And didn't forget to take some selfies with the students of SMAK St. Andreas Palu? Love it!
And also excuse my selfie :p :p

I told you guys that it was sooo hot, so we did our craziness after we did our job! Our craziness was swimming in our hotel's pool without our swimsuit. We didn't care anymore! Hahaha. It was sooooo hot, so when we arrived at hotel, we changed to our sleepwear and then swimming :')
Just like our private pool! :'D :'D

Kak Uly and I always take a selfie everyday. Where are our selfies? Here they areeee, we took them when the opening ceremony and also in the swimming pool :p :p

The sad thingggg, i forgot to take pictures for our dinner :'( that night, we went to Mr. Agus's family and ate fish again :p hahaha everything was seafood there and you will find a lot of Mr. Joko's seafood stall in every 100m ;p

That's all for the second day.. We will meet again for the third and fourth day :D :D Thankyouuu :)

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