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Palu Day Three and Four ;)

It has been one week after my last post and I want to tell you guys about my third and fourth in Palu. Well, it was around 1 month ago but I still wanna make a story about my third and fourth day. I will make them in one post here ;)

In the third day, we had a presentation in SMAK Santo Andreas Palu. The presentation is simple with a question-answer session. After our presentation, mr. Agus invited us to go home and eat Palu's food in his relative's house.

The name of this food is Binte. There is corn, fish meat, vegetables in the soup. It's reallyyyyyyy delicious and it makes me want to eat again but i was shy to take the food again :p

We ate the Binte with a lot mr. Agus's relatives too and also with my partner, ms. Aulya. I didn't forget to take picture of mr. Agus's niece ;;)
She is so cute, isn't she? :D

After we had a nice conversation there, we went back to hotel again. Took a rest, and went to a walkbeach to drink Sarabak :p
It was really a nice view if you see it directly in the place! Hahaha. Sarabak is like STMJ here and I drank 1,5 glass of Sarabak because ms. Aulya doesn't like ginger at all ._.

Not only Binte and Sarabak in the third day! Hahaha. But also, Kaledok from Palu! Soooo yummy! :'D we really ate a lot foods in the third day and our tummy felt sooooo full. :')
It is Kaledok, one of favourite Palu's food.

The third day was done! It was all about of our culinary experience in Palu. Sorry, but i was so excited with Palu's food instead of the hot weather there :')

The 4th DAY. We had to do our job again to promote Ubaya in any SHS there. We were separated with mr. Agus, because we had to go 4 schools in that day. Finally, mr. Agus decided to go to SMA Madani Palu and SMAN 4 Palu. Ms. Aulya and I went to SMA Karuna Dipa Palu and SMAN 1 Palu.
SMA Karuna Dipa Palu ;)

Unfortunately, we didn't make any pictures with the students there, but we still did our selfies when we had finished our presentation in SMAK Karuna Dipa ;;)
(Please excuse our selfies here :p)

SMAN 1 Palu is so big. I thought, this school is one of integrated school in Palu. We did our presentation only in one class because of the limited time and we didn't forget again to make some pictures with the students :D
Oh my God, they were too anthusiasm to do selfies. Hahaha. We did selfie selfishly.

From the last school, we went back to hotel to pack our luggages and we went agaiiiin to have our lunch. Eat eat eat and eat agaiiiiiiiiin :')
Fishmeat again :') but it was so delicious!

Finally, we got to go tourist attraction there. We went to a temple there and we went to Bukit Nosarara Nosabatutu. The weather still hot, but it was our last day! :') so it was ok for me while we could go anywhereee we want.
It was the temple ;)

Our way to Bukit Nosarara Nosabatutu

These are pictures of the top of Bukit Nosara Nosabatutu! ~<3

Do you want to know how hot the weather there? Just look the buffalo there. So skinny :')

Ah I want to tell you guys that Citraland not only in Surabaya, but also they expanded to Palu! Wow, Palu will be a big city ;) the building is not ready yet, but the buildings are along the walkbeach and the house there have a beautiful beach view :*
Do you want to invest now? It is really good for property business :p

Well, i think that's all my last day in Palu. I had four amazing days there ;) Thanks to UBAYA for my first free flight! Thanks to Mr. Agus who invited me to do this job and also thanks to Ms. Aulya who accompanied me aloooong those days. :p
Good bye Palu, see you again in the next nice day! ;)

And welcome back to Surabayaaaaaa :*


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