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Saturday, September 6, 2014 @ 3:19 PM
Shopping Mall Magazine
Throwback last month, August 2014, I have nice photoshoot with Pasar Atom for their monthly magazine. Thanks to ko Gerald that make one of my dreams (i make a list of my dreams and this one is one of them) come true, see my face at Pasar Atom cover magazine! I know it's just beginning for my career, and I'm still beginner in this industry. :)

Here you are, Pasar Atom magazine 89th ed. 
My hair was red at that time, and it's make me soooo miss my red hair. The young lady beside me is Jessica, she is still 19yo but she is very pro with camera. I learn a lot pose from her ;*

You also can see my face inside the magazine. Some boutique in Pasar Atom let me to promote their wearings. Let me show this :D

That's all :) it was not I've been at more pages like other magazines, but I'm so proud with myself can get through into this magazine. It's just beginning, and I'm just a beginner. I have to learn more and more. Believe that God will give me another wonderful chance in my life. Believe that my dreams will come true one by one ;')

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