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Tuesday, September 23, 2014 @ 10:47 PM
Selfie Madness
Nowadays, I really love to selfie. Every day, I selfie selfishly (so sorry about this). Mmm, but I will do selfie when I look good :p After modelling job, eo job, or only after college-ing haha. But the posting photos just the good one, when I look pretty enough to be posted in social media wkwk.
E for Eunike ;;) yes, my first name :*

Not only my photos. But I have a lot of friends who love selfie. Especially with twogather crew! We do a lot of selfies when we are gathering or after our event is done. Let me show you some photos wkwk

I still have selfie photos much moreeee than them. Selfie with my psychomates and also my modelmates. Haha. I still have moreeeeeeee! XD but I think, it's enough to post my selfie. Pardon me to post this to your timeline. I just want to tell you one of my hobby. Selfie. Fin. 


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